About The Author 

My name is Mike Littleton. I'm a follower of Jesus, husband to Abby, and father of three boys - Chael, Denny, and Abel. I'm a pastor and aspiring writer. This is my blog.   

Follower of Jesus - Jesus is my Lord and Savior. Not that this is who I've made him because it's who he eternally is, but my faith has been placed in this reality. I believe that Jesus lived a perfect life in my place, died my death to save me from God's wrath and my sins, rose from the dead, and in so doing has made a way for me to live a joy-filled eternal life that begins now. 

Husband to Abby - Abby and I have been married for seven and a half joyful years! I praise God for her. Never did I imagine being married to someone as godly, beautiful, and enjoyable to be around as Abby. She's way more than I deserve. Thank you, Jesus! 

Three Boys - I have three boys. Chael is our firstborn. He's our energetic and extremely inquisitive five-year old. Denny is our second. He's our fiery ball of lightning two-year old. And Abel is our soon to be born third. He'll make a good Christmas present!

Pastor - I'm currently the Pastor of Operations at Taproot Church in Burien, WA. I've been there for three years, spending my time in preparation to be sent out to eventually plant a church. God is moving us forward and we'll be leaving to Twin Falls, Idaho in the spring of 2014 to plant what will, by God's grace, be Taproot Church Twin Falls.

Aspiring Writer - I've recently come to enjoy writing and hope that this blog becomes an outlet to improve in the way I process my thoughts and write them down.  


About The Blog 

The name of the blog, Forged In The Valley, comes from the idea that our lives are lived in valley's. Mountains are where we go to get away and play. But our families, friends, enemies, work places, fears, failures, difficulties, and successes are all in the valley. It is in this valley where our lives are forged more into the image of Jesus.  

Furthermore, I'll soon be moving to the Magic Valley of Idaho to plant a church and see a region, state, nation, and world transformed by the good news of Jesus Christ. It is this valley in particular that I want to see forged more into the image of Jesus.

The writing on this blog will consist of various topics - family, sports, culture, life, etc. - but I'll mostly write about various theological topics that I'm working out in my head.   

I hope this blog will serve for your encouragement as well as challenge you in what you believe and don't believe about God, Jesus, church, family, and the world.