My wife and I are expecting our third baby boy. He's due tomorrow, December 31st. You would think it easier, after you've had a few kids, to more patiently wait for the next one. But we actually find ourselves more eager. The other night, while sitting on the couch, we could literally feel the toes of this soon to be born baby. Sometimes he contorts to such a position inside his mama that we actually feel like we can hold him. Or at least a part of him. The anticipation is high. We know that he could come at any moment. Our eyes are open. Our phones are ready. The house is in order. Come baby. Come is our prayer.

It's been eye opening to be in anticipation of a baby during the Christmas season. The anticipation of the coming of Christ was only magnified for our family as we were waiting in anticipation for the arrival of our own baby. And as we approach the new year, the anticipation is ever increasing.

I find myself asking, what would it be like if I anticipated the coming of Christ like this?

The New Testament is filled with scriptures speaking of the anticipation and hope of the soon returning Jesus. The churches that Peter wrote to were getting frustrated with the apparent "slowness" of the return of Jesus (2 Peter 3:9). Paul had to spend considerable amounts of time writing to the Thessalonians, assuring them that they hadn't missed the Jesus is returning party. 

I don't know the details of Christ's return. I do know this though. Jesus said it could be at any moment and so we'd better be ready (Matthew 25:1-13).

This year I want to anticipate Jesus.

The Psalmist prayed "teach us to number our days that we may get a heart of wisdom" (Psalm 90:12). I don't know what tomorrow may bring. Neither do you. So live the days you have in a joyful and eager anticipation of the soon (or not so soon from our finite perspective) coming of Jesus.