Tis the day after the most boring super bowl (in my own opinion at least) in the history of Super Bowl's. Don't get me wrong, I'm stoked that Seattle absolutely shut down Denver (though I do feel bad for Peyton). But the game in and of itself was a let down. I was really hoping for some excitement. A nail biter. A game decided by the final drive. Instead, the tone was set from the first snap and a blowout ensued.

This morning I woke up asking myself the question, What's changed? Living in Seattle, the only thing being talked about is this Super Bowl Championship. I've heard people talking about how they can finally die happy and how this year will be the greatest year of their lives. And I have to wonder...really? This game, that had absolutely no significance for you personally (other than maybe emotional stability), is now going to change the entire course of your year and life? You can now die happy because your team won one Super Bowl?

I think sports are great. I think the Seahawks are great. I'm really excited to see the kind of player Russell Wilson develops into. But this game did absolutely nothing to change my life in any way. And ultimately, when you really think about it, I doubt it's really changed yours either. 

In the end, I'm simply reminded that Jesus is better. Whether your team won or lost, Jesus is always better than a Super Bowl Championship.

Jesus won the ultimate victory. He defeated the toughest opponents (Satan, sin, death, Hell). He rose from the grave and lives for forever. This means that there is never going to be a let down from Jesus. He won't win the victory one day and then let us down tomorrow. Next season will always end up as great as the next because Christ is the victor and he's always on the throne!   

It was a great season. I imagine next year might be similar. But I hope to never lose sight of what really matters. 

Jesus is better than championships.