Be A Friend Of Sinners

As we begin the process of planting Taproot Church, one of the realities about the life of Jesus that stands out to me most is that he was–and still is–a friend of sinners. Jesus was continually found hanging out with the outcasts of his culture. The tables of tax-collectors, lepers, and sinners were the ones he frequented for his meal time (Matthew 11:19; Mark 2:15; Luke 15:2).

Yesterday I came upon this quote:

To put it simply, Jesus did not keep his distance from anyone who needed the love of God, whether they needed liberation from demons, healing of sickness, or forgiveness of sin. This was his mission from God, and it left him no room for protecting himself from being contaminated by the impurity or immorality of others.*

My prayer for Taproot Twin Falls is that she would be a people who befriends sinners. I'm praying that we would risk contamination to see the poor, the marginalized, the weak–the ones who need the love of God most–actually experience his love.

*Quoted from Jesus: A Very Short Introduction by Richard Bauckham.