Abide In Christ

I am the vine; you are the branches. Whoever abides in me and I in him, he it is that bears much fruit, for apart from me you can do nothing. -John 15:5

It's easy to forget how much I need Jesus. Yet the reality is that I need him every day. And so do you. The above verse reminded me of this truth this morning. 

I often live life as if I accepted Jesus and then moved on. But the reality is that he is the vine and I'm the branch. This means, that for me to truly have life, I need him every waking moment of every day. Have you ever cut a branch from its vine? It has the appearance of still being useful, but the reality is that it immediately begins to wither and die. This is what our life is like severed from the vine of Jesus. Sure, we might not appear to be dead immediately, and we might be able to have some fruit to show for a while, but eventually we dry up and the fruit falls off.

Now, the good news for the Christian is that he or she will never be severed from the vine of Jesus. As Jesus points out in John 10, he is the Good Shepherd and nothing will enable us to be snatched out of his hand. Furthermore, he has such a firm grip that we can never jump out (Nor would we want to if we've really experienced his salvation). Our salvation is secure through the sheer grace of God and through faith in the finished work of Jesus. 

However, our day to day life must still consist of our utter dependance upon the gospel. For the finished work of Jesus is not something that we needed just at a certain point and time in our past, no, it's what we need every day. The finished work of Jesus has not only saved us, it's also what sustains us. And it's through a constant belief in the gospel that we are sanctified and made to look more like him. 

Apart from Christ we can do nothing. The works of religion might look good for a while, but in the end they're fruitless. But as we abide in him, we're made to be more like him, and our faith in him will produce much fruit.

So stop yourself today and simply abide in Christ. Fruit will come.