The Flowers Are Dancing!

It's raining outside today, and there is a light breeze. 

Our middle son, Denny, came running with exuberance to Abby and me. He had something to say. He looked up at us with his deep, dark brown eyes and proclaimed: "The flowers are dancing! The flowers are dancing!" 

The flowers are dancing!

Abby and I walked to the door with him to look outside. Sure enough, the flowers were dancing. The rain lightly dripping on the pedals. The light breeze swaying the sturdy stems back and forth. The flowers are dancing. 

It was a true moment of delight. To see a sweet joyful smile brought to my two-year old's face because flowers were dancing in front of him. 

It's the middle of June. I'd much rather it be sunny and 90 degrees outside. But today, God made the flowers dance, which delighted my son, which delighted Abby and I. So today, I'm thankful that my Father in heaven made the flowers dance!